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Gaia Soleil, Founder & CEO

Visual Poetry in every frame for discerning tastes, where aesthetics marry raw emotion

Provence,France Chuch Wedding

" There is emotion in every photo. There's not a single meaningless photo in our gallery! How did you do that?"...

With over 15 years of refined expertise in the realm of visual storytelling, Gaia stands as an esteemed photographer. Her initial immersion in the world of lenses began when her parents gave her the gift of a film camera when she turned 16, firing up her romance with the lenses.


Gaia is born and raised in India, currently based in London, UK and travels the world, masterfully capturing the beauty of the dreamiest destinations. You may see her photography on the websites of many of the exquisite hotels in the world.

Encouraged by the persistent nudges of friends and family, she entered world of wedding photography. It was only after several years that she did her first wedding shoot, an experience that instantly ignited her passion for the magic in love-filled wedding days.

In the present, Gaia seamlessly intertwines her love for travel
and her love for love as a World Traveller and Destination Wedding Photographer with an exclusive clientele. 

Her work provides a timeless testament to the emotion of love in all forms.

Emotive Photography

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