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Wedding days pass in a blur, but the enduring legacy lies in the captured moments of timeless photos—the cherished heirlooms that weave through a family's history.


We are delighted to present two distinct price lists tailored based on your total wedding budgets(not photography budget).



Have a look at our "Elite Collections," meticulously crafted for couples with a total wedding budget ranging from £35k to around £70k, expertly photographed by our talented House of Soleil team.

Indulge in our "Royal Collections," tailored for couples with  a total wedding budget starting from around £100k to unlimited, masterfully photographed by Gaia Soleil.

The style of photography and editing will remain consistent across both collections. Gaia monitors Team House of Soleil's pre and post-production process, ensuring that the impeccable standards are maintained throughout.


" Gaia ! I am in tears. Your photos are REALLY beautiful, just gorgeous. You managed to capture all the bits we were expecting and more, feels like a movie xx "

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