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I'm Gaia, and my journey has taken me from the vibrant streets of Chennai, India to the bustling city of London, where I now reside. I'm a proud fur-mum of two Australian Labradoodles, Meekonose ( Mykonos) and Capri Du-Paw ( Capri, Dubai), and engaged to my soulmate.


I'm a globe-trotter with an appetite for luxurious spontaneous adventures, life for me is a delightful Mardi Gras. I'm a hopeless romantic who revels in the finer things, whether it's a spontaneous luxury getaway or simply cuddling with my fur babies at home.

As an entrepreneur, I've proudly carved my path through sheer determination and self-reliance. My success is a testament to the power of the self in the world of entrepreneurship.

When I'm not third-wheeling with couples on their special day, you'll find me immersed in the simple pleasures of life – chasing the northern lights for the nth time or be it on a yacht, savouring the sunset in Positano, or indulging in seafood delights ( It's always the Sea Food Pasta with extra- prawns) in my most special place in the entire world- the Ammoudi Bay.

Just living life with a touch of puppies, planes, prada & photography.

Vogue Weddings
Mother Of The Bride and a Guest

"I was really thrilled with the photos taken by Gaia at the recent summer wedding of my daughter Sophie in Provence, France. The church and wedding venue were already spectacular but it takes a special wedding photographer to really create some magical moments among all this natural beauty that are forever a unique memory of the day. I’ve seen many wedding photos from friends and family over the years and I loved that Gaia brought a fresh and modern approach to capturing the occasion. No gimmicky photography, just pure class."

                      Liz Anderson


Mother of the Bride

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